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Jassy and all,

I agree, too, that verses 10-11 of I Cor. 7 couldn't be any clearer...I just always had a problem with how to reconcile them to verses 27-28. So, (duh!) I asked my husband today and his thoughts were as follows:

The woman that DOES THE LEAVING in verses 10-11 is commanded not to remarry; the man that is the VICTIM OF THE LEAVING (by process of elimination) is NOT commanded not to remarry...on the contrary, he is told that if he marries AFTER HE IS LOOSED (divorced,) he has not sinned! Obviously, if he had been commanded NOT to do it and then did it, he WOULD have sinned! Maybe everybody here but me already knew this, but it was news to me, and I was tickled to have learned something new!

Another inquiry...does the rule seem to be different for a man and for a woman, since verse 39 of this chapter and Romans 7:2 both have only the woman "bound," or is she just an example?