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I carefully prayed over all that, Renee, very carefully, and I wrote my answers to all of it based on my prayer and study. I only copied a small part of it here. You can be sure that I thoroughly considered your point of view, but obviously there is no point in getting too deep into this at this point.

My study involved listening to MANY sermons of godly men -- there are many on the subject at Sermon I also read many sermons and articles, a major one recommended by my pastor -- who doesn't agree with me OR you about the meaning of the passage. I no longer attend that church. The point is that I did not come to my conclusion based on some desire of my own; in fact I hate the idea of wearing something on my head and it's put me into quite a quandary. All that concerns me is being obedient to God.

I have medium length brown hair with some gray in it and I'm three years older than you and I did that study in a sincere desire to understand what God meant by it.

I simply believe your interpretation is a misreading of it. The majority of those I studied who do not agree with me nevertheless agree that Paul is not commanding long hair; he is saying that long hair is the natural covering given to a woman, which he presents as an argument for covering the head, one of his five or six arguments for covering the head in that passage (that's an awful lot of time and energy to put in on a subject if all he meant to say was women should wear their hair long.)

And covering the head is how it was understood throughout the Christian world until the last century, when it was thrown out mostly under the influence of feminism and the modern Bible versions. Perhaps that was not the influence on you but it has certainly been the influence on many.

I have not insulted anyone, but you insult me.