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Hey, if you ever do get some good farm land and need an extra farm hand please do think of me since I am without work for an unforseen amount of time. Also, I am a back to the land sorta guy and farming is something I would love to be involved with. Anywho, I'll be praying for you as you continue your search.
I will not be farming to make money. My goal is not to make money. I know this may sound odd. I'm 37, I have worked hard enough and paid taxes to a goverment that I wish not to support financially. I will be growing most of my own food. I also chose Montana as to avoid paying sales tax. This way anything I buy will be tax free. If I have no income I pay no fed or state income tax. My number one retirement goal is to pay as little tax as possible. If I start making money on my farm and have to hire someone then I am not living by my standards. I have paid far to many taxes, and will now pay as little as I can. sadly i will still have to pay a few taxes, but not as many as I pay now. I have enough money to never work again. There is no need for me to work for a living any longer. I know it may sound odd not to want to make money, but I have my reasons. I'll hate not making money, but it's for the best. The best way to kill a snake is not to feed it.