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Default Thanks Guys

Thanks Steve, George & Luke – your responses have been very helpful as well as very encouraging.

Firstly, when people like me join a forum like this (after only being a KJB believer for about 4 years and new to the concept of forum life), it is always a jump in the dark when I post a forum, a link or a question. I do not know what potential reactions are heading my way or (if people agree with what I posts) am I simply repeating things that so many have heard a thousand times before!

So firstly, thanks Steve concerning your comment on my posts as this helps me to know that I am not stepping outside of the boundaries and angering people with what I am writing.

Secondly, all of your help is very much appreciated concerning the question that I raised because I think that you have all presented some very solid theology on the matter.

Luke, it’s good to hear that you are a preacher (my question was quite timely then?) – I can’t wait to read your notes!
Thanks also Steve & George concerning your advice about where I am able to purchase a PCE. You are right Steve – when you say that asking for any edition of the KJB is out of the norm!
People think that you are a deep theologian these days if you ask for “the message” paraphrase and will advise to you buy any translation before the good Old Faithful Authorised Version.

I can’t wait to get one though! The boarders of Scotland is about a 2 hour drive away from where I live – but that doesn’t stop them sending one to me via mail, so that is now my aim!
I can’t believe how hard it is getting to get hold of something that my country one prided itself in producing. I think that it would be easier to get hold of the book of Mormon, the Koran or the New World Translation before the PCE (I really hope and pray that they sell it there!).

While we are (sort of) on the subject of hell and suffering has any of you seen the testimony of Bill Wiese?

If not here is the link

It is very powerful, he quotes continually from the KJB to prove the existence of hell (well, it wouldn’t be possible from the modern versions would it?

On a final note, please pray for a lady named Gloria I have been witnessing to her at work lately and I have left her with some good DVDs and tracts – she has an interest and is on the verge of going to a church to see what it is all about.

God bless