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Default Praise God!

I've been in a debate with a Jehovah's Witness here at work (I'm clocked out now, and waiting for my ride). We've both been pounding each other with scripture. Him trying to prove that Jesus is an angel, and me trying to prove that Jesus is the Creator Himself manifest!

While I've been in a church most of my life, I've only recently accepted Christ in my heart, and with it, God's bestowed on me the gift of hunger for understanding of His Word. I've been through Dr. McGee's program once, and working on it a second time, adding a smattering of other ministries along the way. But I was not fully prepared to face a 40+ year Jehovah's Witness! God opened my memory, and allowed me to hold my ground, but I was not able to answer all of the questions he put to me. This list, however... God bless you George. You are an answer to prayer, my brother. I know all that you list here, but not where to find it, and how to piece it together, and you've done it all here for me. Thank you.