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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
Sorry Forrest I jumped to conclusions. I see now where you were saying to follow Jesus. I apologize. Anyway, thanks for the prayer. I guess I just got in the flesh and wanted to vent. I in now way, intended to gossip. I appreciate your honesty and prayers! Also, thank you Kiwi for your reply as well. God Bless you both and I appreciate your prayers.
I appreciate your honesty. And we're all guilty of walking in the flesh and not the spirit. As a pastor who tried to motivate, orchestrate and plan the pew full...the Lord finally revealed to me that our call as believers is to simply preach the word and be "leaky" seed baskets. Sowing the good seed wherever we go.

This particular subject was fresh on my mind because I had just written briefly about it on my web page. Anyway, your pastor has no greater joy than for you and the members to simply walk in truth. We should lead by example and allow the Holy Spirit to conform us into the image of the Saviour.