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Good Posts Stephen Avery!

Buythetruth:--- Saw your post, and started doing the "google"...boy, there are many things out there in internet-land! I typed in some combinations of Ben Asher/Ben Chayim/Hebrew Masoretic texts, etc.. found this link:


I had another thought for you...If you live in or near a town/city large enough to have a jewish synagogue (Look in the yellow pages--then look for one that is "orthodox" or "conservative") and give the Rabbi a phone call. Offer to treat him to a coffee and a bagel some morning and ask him about which texts he uses. He may have some insights from a jewish perpsective that will be helpful to you. Hey--- if you treat him decently, he just might someday be willing to visit your church sometime.... Honey, not vinegar.

{The "reformed" jewish synagogues are the liberals, so you might not get much solid information there.}

Another source would be the library at a nearby Christian College or Seminary. You can normally visit for free, and you might find neat "old" stuff in the basement...