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Default Hello Steven

Thank you for your take on this subject. I will have to ponder some of what you said although it is very good. Really all I have found so far is what Gail Riplinger says about Kittel's influence on the Ben Asher itself. Off the top of my head I believe I remember her refering to thousands of footnotes by Killel in "his Bible." The Ben Asher edition took the place of the Ben Chayyim in 1937 according to her research. This is significant, as it was during the time of German Rationalism and the 'conditioning' of the German people to accept the atrocities of the Government at that time of anti-Semitism. We know what followed. Refrence in her studies is made to the "corruptness" of the Ben Asher itself (along with "L",) so I have difficulty in reconciling these things together - for lack of details. What is corrupt; why was there a change from a very good edition with a lond and successful history, to an edition some say is faulty?

Dr. Waite states the change also from one edition to another and also mentions corruptness, but no real detailed answers of substance of any length. I have talked with him on the phone and I appreciated his answers, but found them unsatisfying to me to some degree. Maybe I'm looking for too much - and it may not be available.

I have not found anything from any other KJB believer on this subject, but hopefully somthing will be forthcoming. There are many very qualified participants on this forum who contribute their vast knowledge very skillfully in so many areas - maybe someone has additional information.

I know you answered some of this but I guess I'm still unsettled and with lagging questions. I really appreciate your short answer, and again I will ponder it carefully. Your input is greatly appreciated.

God bless.