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1.) The English, while being birthed by several different languages, was in our King James Authorized Bible adjusted to the Greek and Hebrew by the King’s Translator’s. Hence, there is a Scriptural and spiritual connection between those languages. Not to mention, that there are in my opinion and that of Ruckman, places where the Greek and Hebrew may magnify the English text.
If the English is recognised as so fit, it is because it there has been a full transfer from the original languages. If complete, then why go backwards? Surely, God has been well able to get the full truth out in the Gentiles’ tongue?

2.) There are many today that are taught that the King James Authorized bible is riddled with errors, particularly in regards to the Greek and Hebrew. It is our Job as King James Only’s to dispel these myths by showing that our Translator’s produce a superbly legitimate and accurate English Bible.
The King James Bible has been vindicated numerous times, all the way from the days of the translators to the writings of Burgon, Hills and Holland. More than sufficient vindication has been given. Thus, it is only those who wish to remain ignorant that may do so. Why argue over the same ground, when we have plenty of proof in the Scripture itself, and in observations of providential signals, and in English studies.

3.) Greek and Hebrew were both used by God far longer than the English has and therefore must not be cast aside so easily.
This is a distortion. God has providentially worked for the laying aside Greek and Hebrew by degrees for years, to the point of utterly being for the English Bible around about now in history. Not only is God easily able to cast off one thing, and raise up another, but he is able to do so suddenly if He will. He is the one who can do a short work, to hasten it in the time of one man, and even do strange and terrible things to the confounding of the worldly wise.

4.) If you go to a good English dictionary to look up words found in the Bible you will come across references to Greek and Hebrew.
There are numerous words which have become English because of their presence in the Bible, and not because English comes from Hebrew (as the British Israelites say). The reason why there are references to Greek is to do with knowledge and learning and civilisation, which existed before the Christian religion dominated, and it is a fact that Roman words came to pass to be in Saxon before the English were converted to Christ (or Romanism). To use etymology as an argument to stay with the Greek is like saying that Latin and Old English should be taught at school to better understand the present language. I am sure there are more references to either Latin (via French) or Old English than to Greek in our English language.

5.) So we are not accused of being ignorant backwoods hillbillies.
First, no one should care if they are falsely accused of this, and secondly, being wise in the world's eyes is different to being wise in God's eyes.