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Default conflicting texts & the authority of God's word

Hi Folks,

Originally Posted by Diligent
Explain how they can all be God's word.
Originally Posted by freesundayschoollessons
the TR, BHS, KJV, NIV, NASB and ESV are God's Word. They are all copies (of copies....) of God's Word originally given.
Hmm... Let us not let this strange claim, and the idea that you are under the authority of all these texts even when they grossly conflict, get lost in the shuffle. This thread can continue on Psalm 12 and other issues about the preservation of the word of God. And on the thread :
conflicting authorities & Mark's resurrection accounts

you can address how grossly conflicting texts can both be pure copies of God's original word. In that thread the resurrection account of the Lord Jesus given by Mark is the emphasis, although of course 100's of other examples could have been chosen.