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Originally Posted by Diligent View Post
Gee, how nice, another thread turned into a debate over Ruckman.

Well, at least this proves this isn't a "Ruckmanite" forum. There's at least a silver lining...
Brandon, it's not nice brother. Dr. Ruckman is the most verbal and highest profile teacher today of the heresy that Genesis 9 is used to teach that we are discussing in this thread. This teaching is a work of the flesh as Paul tells us of in Galatians. It's sad that a man as talented as Dr. Ruckman would teach such a heresy, it's sad a man as talented as Cornelius Stam taught the heresy of absolute Calvinist predestination, and i think it's sad that when Dr. Ruckman's false teachings and fleshly nature are demonstrated in this forum on any topic out come the pitchforks and torches. We tried to have a discussion on water baptism and it was disrupted with the Gospel According To Peter Rickman & Harry ironside and that's why I dropped out of it, not because i am wrong or that I was "outvoted", but to help keep peace in the forum. That's not possible, so I'm returning to the water baptism thread.

You're right, this is not a "Ruckmanite" forum but it's gittin' close brother.

Grace and peace