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Bro. Parrish
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That's the reason why I put the supernatural, the "paranormal" in the trash. The UFO mystery will never be solved in the Grace Age, if they are Satanic then that will be only brought forth after the Church is Raptured out and when the faith-works program of the Messianic/Apostolic Church of Peter, James, and John is put in place again in the Tribulation.

See, that's the reason Bro. Parrish really don't like me.

I know too much.
A few points:

1. I never said I don't like you, that is an assumption caused by the same confusion that fuels your rabid attacks here on baptism and Baptists. Or maybe one of those UFO's you saw.

2. You know less than you think you do. But we still love you.

3. I hope your chest cold gets better soon.

4. You need to get that Apple G5 and dump the PC, we already talked about that.