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Originally Posted by Kiwi Christian View Post

There are many dole bludgers down here, and if they ever 'work' at anything it's to stay on the dole!

I hope that you find a job soon.
I can second what Kiwi Christian is saying,infact they work very hard at staying out of work here at times.Some folk shift to areas that have no work available or stay put where the jobs are not.
Others geniunely cannot afford to shift and must stick it out with no job prospects,that's hard when you want to work.

It is good news to hear when men are wanting to work that The Lord Jesus Christ makes a door open for them,others are still praying and waiting on the Lord Jesus and it is very hard for them, while they wait and seek work.Hard on them and the people who love them to see the struggles and hopes dashed repeatedly.

That is why it is so good to see how the Lord Jesus Christ has come through for others and it means your turn could be next.