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Originally Posted by Mind and Body View Post
What I meant was, did some here think that Catholics aren't getting to "The Real McCoy", as it were, they are not expressing belief in the Real Christ, only the angry, co-mediatrix, Second-to-Mary type of Jesus that Catholics believe in? because that, I thought, was what damned Catholics to Hell. I really started to have my doubts in Catholicism when my friend Benjamin's mother, a devout Catholic that never misses Mass, suggested in a short conversation that God might be Female. She said of the Bible, which clearly teaches otherwise, that "the opinions of the writers got mixed up in the writings." I really was so flabbergasted that I had then nothing to say to her, but I can tell you that I am almost sure that she is not Born-Again.
Correct, what ultimately damns a Catholic to hell is that they do not believe in the "real" Jesus who is the ONLY mediator between God and man, who is the ONLY acceptable sacrifice for sins, and who died, was buried, and rose again ONCE ONLY...not every mass service!

However, despite the false doctrines of the Catholic church and every effort to blind it's members to the Way, Truth, and Life, I believe that some Catholics do find the real Jesus in their lifetime and do get saved. I reject the blanket statement that "ALL Catholics are damned to hell."