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Originally Posted by atlas View Post

I did so because is was not worthy of a reply. You pushed the issue so here it is.

You are correct some on my list called for legalization of drugs. I'll also bet 100% on my list were/would be for the legalization of wine, beer and other spirits. I would fully disagree with them on this issue 100%. I see no difference between spirits or drugs. That being said not one of them used any drugs to my knowledge. They wee not down at Denny's in the parking lot getting their fix, unlike Rush the so called new leader of the GOP. We not only have people here how believe in the legalization of spirits, but think it is fine for Christians to drink spirits and think they can do so and not sin. Where do you stand on the drinking of spirits and do you think that spirits should be illegal? Do you think it is a sin to drink. If not why don't you drink? If you do drink how much do you drink and why? What is the difference between legalization drugs or spirits? If drinking spirits is not a sin why would using hillbilly heroin be a sin?

So here is my reply. I also hope you will reply to my questions. Is there any thing else I can do for you?

Here is a little hillbilly heroin rap song for you, to bad Rush did not write it.


You are out of control Atlas. You've got some serious issues that need to be dealt with immediately.

You know, I smoke marijuana for nearly 10 years of my life and only quit at that time because I got caught (of course I now see intoxicants as sinful for very biblical reasons). But I gotta say I'm sure glad I had good brothers and sisters in Christ that forgave me and didn't judge me for being an addict in my past. Boy if even one of those brothers had've been like you I sure wouldn't have gotten through the intense shame I felt as a babe in Christ. Even the ultra-arminian Mennonite friends of mine forgave me and didn't say a single word about my past substance abuse when I told them my story.

*sigh* man, your attitude stinks.


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