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You are " proud to be an American " because some pill popper gave a speech at some neocon meeting. Where is the grace you ask? Well I thought I said, " God's grace for a lost dope head and is all that impresses me. " I see many of the cult members have already defended the dope head already. We even have the leader of the GOP Steele telling Rush, " I'm sorry I told the truth about you being an entertainer. " Rush is part of the pop culture he is not a real thinker. He is not a real man of the mind and it shows in our party today.

I recall when the GOP had mental real leaders, people with real minds. People of the mind like von Mises, Buckley, Rand and Friedman other such great thinkers. Now we have Rush and Hannity. You have got to be kidding. Just take a look at the movies for example. The movies of yesteryear. Like Gone with the Wind or The Fountainhead for example. Movies based on good books. Now look at the movies of today. They are based on comic books. Batman, Spider man and X Men. Our culture and our nation is going down hill fast. Rush a dope head being our so called leader is just showing us how lame we are as a nation. We do not have the mental leadership we need. This is why we are not winning the battle of the mind. The same is true in the church as it is in out lame culture.

Where is the grace you ask? Where is the mind that is the question I ask? Where is the mental leadership? Oh we have it from a guy that dose not have the will power to stop popping pills after he no longer needs them. I'm sure William F. Buckley, Thomas Jefferson, Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Leonard Read, Hans F. Sennholtz, Frederic Bastiat, Henry Hazlitt, Paul L. Poirot, Murray N. Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises would be very proud of what we have become as a movement and a nation.