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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
My wonderful mother in law is fightin with me about the King James issue. She says there's no difference between her New Century Bible and my King James. Without havin to buy one and read through and find out, can someone give me some ammunition to prove her wrong.
The last 12 verses of Mark will be missing. I John 5:7 will be missing. Daniel 3:25 will be "a son of the gods", a demon, instead of the correct reading, "the son of God". Revelation 1:6 will be "His God and Father" rather than the correct "God and His Father". I Tim, 3:16 will be "he who was manifest in the flesh" rather than the correct "God was manifest in the flesh".

The NCB is translated from texts owned by the Catholic Church that they will only give photos of, and the publisher of my NC new testament was affiliated with The Church Of Christ.

That will be good for starters

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