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My mistake then, I read something you didn't put there.

If I was "bothered" I'd have stopped responding a dozen posts back.

I believe the verses I have quoted directly apply to understanding what is meant by the "god of this world." That's why I quoted them. If I may add something without rehashing what has already been said: Your argument about who the "god of this world" is appears to be based on who you think has certain powers -- at least I thought that is why you asked me to show you with scripture who can blind eyes besides God. My position is simply that we can know who is spoken of in 2Co 4:4 by looking at other verses that teach the same precept about those who reject the truth, such as Eph 2:2,3; Lu 8:12; Mt 13:19, etc -- these verses are teaching the same precept, and therefor shed light on who is meant by "god of this world." I did not raise those verses up as a distraction. For me they shed abundant light on the matter.

And I have nothing else to say on the subject. Any reply you make will be the last word.

Heh -- I had to look that one up.

Bro. Brandon:

I would really appreciate if you would read the thesis. Pray and analyze what was reseached dilligently (no disrespect implied or intended) by myself and others. At one point in the last 12 years I consulted a college Koine Greek professor for an opinion on certain words. I did not just throw this thesis together on the spare of the moment. You are really quite a likeable brother and I can see that you have done you homework by studying Gods Word. Also I am a King James only Christian except I will accept some previous translantions prior to the KJV otherwise God would not have preserved His word, and God cannot lie. I believe that the KJB is the only Bible we can trust. My thesis is based on a man made mistake that was not in the original 1611 version. What I would like to do Bro. Brandon if you are agreeable is for us to have a private discussion by private e-mail, even perhaps by phone on occasion. I have a feeling we will become great friends even if you never agree with my thesis. God occasionally will impart knowlege to an individual and it may not be recieved. That is why their is such division in the church and a church on every corner.

I repent right now in the name of Jesus if I have offended or caused you undo grief. That was not my intent. I don't think I did because you seem to be a very mature Christian brother. My intent was to share a great pearl of Gods wisdom. I would hope that you will be agreeable to such a discussion to be conducted with the utmost of Christian love and respect.

Yes jackpudding is a rare word. I was just showing off. God forgive me.

Thank you for giving me the last word. You are a gentleman.

I love you in the Lord.

Bro. Danny