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Originally Posted by Manny
The problem I have with Matthew's way (or Bibleprotector) is that he insists that the Great Commission is to convert all cultures of the world to what he calls an Anglo-phone Protestant culture and thereby force everyone and there mother to learn English. He believes that this method is the fulfillment of verses in the Bible (some of which he has posted throughout this thread). But this is sheer nonsense. He is twisting scripture to promote his private interpretation. And he is out of touch with reality as to ministering to people of a different culture.
Of course this statement is sheer nonsense since it not what I stand for, neither what I insisted upon.

1. The Great Commission is not about changing cultures into Anglo-American cultures, but to transform cultures to be Christian, which may indeed take elements from our tradition, such as proper Christmas, Easter, etc.

2. Nobody is being "forced" to be or learn English, neither is it being made the mother tongue (by threat).

3. The Scripture promises are for things such as national obedience, the future elevation of the KJB, etc. (If not the KJB, what is it that would fulfil Romans 16:26, etc.?)

4. If these things be my "private interpretation", how is it that the come from a basis of traditional Anglo-Protestant teachings? (See below.)

5. Preparing for world KJB promotion might be not how the world thinks. It is like saying that Noah was out of touch with reality when he built an ark, etc. etc.

Specific references to God using the British/English Church are in Patrick, Gildas, Hakluyt, KJB translators, Mede, Cromwell et al., Fuller, etc. References to Australia being used are in Johnson, Lang and Parkes. References to the progress of the Church in the last days are in many authors. Scripture itself refers to its own exaltation.

Muir in 1911 wrote, "we find that the outcome of the labours of the translators was a volume which ever since it first appeared has gone forth conquering and to conquer, and which under God and through the testimony of His Holy Spirit, has been not merely the source of Britain’s greatness, but a source of blessing and consolation, of inspiration and revival." Again, "Into the midst of all this yearning and all this darkness, the Bible came as a river of life. There had been tiny springs elsewhere which sent forth their streams, for God has never left Himself without a witness; but this is the river of God in all its majesty and fullness, and nowhere has it flowed more wonderfully into the lives of men than through our own Authorized Version." Again, "DURING these three centuries of service the Authorized Version has done a great work, not only in the home and the Church, but also in the wider sphere of the national life. It has played a great part in the development of the nation on broad, generous lines; and has had far more to do with the prosperity of Great Britain and her offshoots, as compared with the Latin [nations]."

Either we are of a Christianity which is failing, and have a weak God and no certainty for the future of our Bible, or else we have a Christianity which is alive when all is dead, present when all things are destroyed, and gathered when all things are scattered. It makes no difference to the Gospel whether tens of thousands say today that they see it another way. The danger is if people deliberately go against the work of God, and make untrue claims about it.