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Default Of being saved

Originally Posted by Mind and Body View Post
Hi, I am new here, but, since most everyone here is a Protestant who disagrees with Catholicism, I want a definitive answer, with Biblical evidence. I am a Baptist myself, but I am not convinced that Roman Catholics are damned. If anyone here thinks that they are, then will you please tell me why? Because Chick and the like say that they are.
I myself is a member of RC before I came to know Christ as my Saviour at the age of 14. I believed that all are sinners (Romans 3:23) in the sight of God whether you belong to a Prostestant Church or a Roman Catholic Church which simply means we are all damned to eternal hell. It is only because of God's grace that we are brought into life from the terrible darkness. Your question of RC if they are damned? The answer is imperatively yes when one did not accept Jesus to be His personal Saviour but no for the reason if one have already received Christ. I was saved when I am still a member of Roman Catholic Church yet God brought me into a right church when a Baptist Preacher baptized me and Praise the Lord that now I belong to a local bible believing baptist church. God blesss you in your search for the truth....