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Originally Posted by biblereader View Post
Can you post some pictures of your artifacts?

I'd like to see them, and know more about that.
I'd be glad to BR, soon as I figger out how to post attachments. I got 2 or 3 pictures on this computer, my camera is in the pawnshop right now, when I get it out I'll post some of my sheaths, hidescrapers, bones needles, that kind of thing. I salute bro. Parrish for starting this thread, it can be an ongoing one that won't fade out like many of the other threads. I don;t use power tools because I don;t own any, I make everything by hand. I use only natural material, no epoxy, I use hide glues and what I call "injun Epoxy": Dried deer dung, pine sap, and hide glue mixed. I use mostly deer, buffalo, elk, and other hides and rarely use cowhide. I sew with sinew: buffalo, elk, moose, and deer tendon. I have a 70 inch hickory longbow that's a bit too hard for me to pull with little grip in my hands, a company on the net I do business with now has some 2 year old Osage staves, I want to make a short horseback flatbow.

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