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Originally Posted by Cody1611 View Post
I know this man that lives in my county. Whenever I see him or even hear of his name my heart fills with extreme hate. I know this is sin and I've prayed to God to give me the heart to forgive him, but the truth is my flesh hates him with a passion and I do not want to forgive him. I need prayer, advice and God's word.
Cody, I'm so sorry you are dealing with this issue brother. You've probably heard it before...but that hatred will do more damage to you than him. Stop, get still, and dwell on this fact. You were once the enemy of God. But now you are completely forgiven and reconciled with God. Cody, you did not earn, deserve, or merit God's favor, love, and forgiveness. But in Christ it's yours to the full. Think about everything you've been forgiven for by a perfect and all knowing God. Every thought. Every word, and every deed. When the reality of who you are in Christ Jesus is understood, you will have the grace and love to forgive this person. Praying that will occur real soon.