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Originally Posted by tonybones2112 View Post
It's really hard to classify each individual person Chette, Stam held to the outmoded "Lord's supper ordinance"
Stam also has the view that baptism is not for today based on every argument you showed on that subject in another thread. There was very little I disagreed with him in his dispensational teaching. His book of Acts study is another thing.

Originally Posted by toneynbones2112 View Post
It's the lunatics who cause hyperfundamentalists like Dr. Ruckman and Ironside to classify Grace believers as "heretics", plus the plain cold fear of the simple doctrine of the free grace of God.
Ruckman as far as I have read calls Stam a hyper heretic not because of the doctrine of free grace but because at times he changes the KJV to fit his interpretation and because of his hyper-division of the New Testament. I have never read in any of Ruckman state anything against him that mention free grace. I agree with your conclusion of Bullinger's followers.

Originally Posted by toneynbones2112 View Post
Hyperfundamentalism allows us to glory in ourselves, in our flesh, with our water baptism and Lordly suppers(the meaning of the "Lord's supper" is every meal you eat you remember Who provided it for you and what it took for Him to provide it to you), out "tithing" and Cadillacs, three piece suits and hairballs, long dresses on our women that were considered "innaproptriate dress" in the 19th century because it was "attractive". "Confessing" sin "to God" that's already been forgiven, going "into all the world". Where can I donate for support to missionaries in Cuba, North Korea, and Iran? So we have become spiritual darwinists and "evolved" Hyperfundamentalism that let's us feel good about ourselves.
Now I am not one for enforcing tithing. I teach it only as a form of giving today seeing it is to be and I quote Paul, "2Co 9:7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver." there is no tithing there and in Mal 4 it tells us that was given only for the nation Israel. I believe tithing for Christians is only a type of giving but they are under no such law to do so.

I am grateful for those who give to missions because without their support we would starve and would have to come home. I believe God uses people who can't go into the foreign field to help those who do. this does not negate their responsibility to reach the lost where they are at. I am not the typical missionary who went by a mission board required to raise $40,000 a year support so the board could take 10% for their operational costs. I went out with only a $20 a month promise from a man who may never have kept his word. I will have to share that story some time with you, but it was lunch hours spent in a dark basement praying to God to supply for me in the Philippines.

I am casual in dress and character. MY church is casual in dress and character as well, we simply worship the Lord and simply teach his word simply to simple men who desire the Lord more in their lives. My fellowship has been stable at 40 plus or so members for almost two years. we have had a 3 young men and a women in the last year join our fellowship. the average monthly offering in our church offering box opened at the end of each month is $10 an d it goes to the church needs. I and my wife give all the rest from our own support which varies from $50 to $500 per month.

We have seen the Lord use men and women to pay for a Car for us (which I could never have bought otherwise), the Lord used these people who give to build our house which for 10 year never had a finish coat of plaster on the out side and the birds were digging into the cement hollow tiles turning our home into a giant bird house. this last 2 weeks the plastering was finished. we have no ceilings in our home when it rains you can't even hear yourself think. We are praying for the Lords supply for that. My kids go to a school that the educational program is accepted in the States in case he calls us back it cost $350 per head per year. not a lot but when you don't have it to pay and you need to make payments each month. All that because people give to our mission work. we teach grace and faith.

I want to do aquabarrelponic seminars for the poor to teach them how to raise fish and vegetables in a small area of space. all that can only be don't by people giving as I have no money myself to do so. Just so I might have the chance to talk to them about Jesus Christ, seminars are a captive audience and when you meet their needs physically free they are happy to let you tell them about free salvation in Christ Jesus.

Originally Posted by tonybones2112 View Post
Grace will not let us glory in ourselves, it only allows us to glory in Him. Grace robs us of all of being little Jobs, it lets us be flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone.
As I learn to draw closer to Jesus Christ as my all in all I learn that all glory is unto him and to our God. I seek only to glorify him in all I do. though at times it may seem I come short of that goal to you and others. Gos knows my heart. that is why in my ministry is not about competing with other Missionaries to rack up souls or how big or how great a work we are doing. I don't inflate my ministry in any way. I simply share what is going on and let god have the glory.

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