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Originally Posted by greenbear View Post
Luke (and anybody),

Would you consider yourself to be a libertarian freewiller? So far the best I can do is to stick with the truth that God's thoughts are higher than my thoughts and leave it at that while rejecting both Calvinism and Arminianism as unbiblical. I guess I have some vaguely defined idea similar to compatibilism but I guess that must be wrong if it hinges on Total Depravity, which I know is wrong.

Jen, I consider myself antinomian, and before arteries start to explode, the phrase simply means "no law", which is what Romans and Galatians are about. It's not a license to sin, sin is the antithesis of being created unto good works. I've known Christians who were degenerate gamblers. Hard to be an ambassador for Christ when your mind is constantly on the lottery numbers.

Arminianism, losing salvation, was Biblical in the OT. Judas Iscariot had the "signs" of an apostle, he was an apostle. It will be the same in the Tribulation, and even worse in the Millenium. I rejct Calvin's predestination, it's the Greek philosophy of Fatalism. The Stoics and Epicureans of Acts 17 were Fatalists.

Grace and peace