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I believe you. As you know, I came to this board already a dispensationalist. I know I only have a rudimentary (but essential) understanding. I love it when contradictions disappear before my very eyes! And when order is brought out of chaos!

In Christ,
Ain't it neat how everything just falls into place? There is a lot in the Bible I don't understand. I don't understand the similitude, or I should say, I have not yet found the similitude, the significance, of the angel troubling the waters in John 5 is one. I guess if people want to park and stay with Scofield and his seven dispensations, that okay with me. I don't see them though. Paul points out 3, the first one encompassing the first 5 of Scofield's and with two little words relegates them down, for practical purposes, to one dispensation: Time Past. Because Scofield's 5th dispensation is the important one that the first 4 are mere lead ins to: The dispensation of Law with Israel as Top Dog on earth. He contrasts our sorry condition under this dispensation, and then reveals in Eph. 2 and 3 a personal revelation to us from Christ that things have changed: But Now. But now the last dealings by the last apostle to deal with Israel, Paul, has ceased in Acts 28, the apostolic signs have been taken at the end of Acts 28 and time to move to Acts Chapter 29: Today, the "but now". Dispensation 2. Do we need to hoard ammunition and peanut butter in fearful expectations of the horrors of the book of Revelation? No. Our part in that is we will be revealing His glory in us in "ages to come". The Rapture of the church can take place at any instant. People say to me, how do I avoid taking the Mark Of The Beast? That's simple, get into the Body of Christ now.

Grace and peace and I wish you well in your studies.