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Originally Posted by Luke View Post
Yeah, I am not against non-KJBO preachers.

I used to be. As soon as they used a modern version, that was it.. I never listened after that. It's a silly way to be, because you might still be able to learn from them. Dave Hunt has a lot of good material about calvinism, the charismatic movement etc... I would rather read a KJBO author. I find young KJBO preachers to be the most arrogant people I have ever met though... so I'd rather speak to an older gentlemen even if he uses a modern version.

Have a look on youtube for the use baptistav1611 and watch his series on "Young Preacher throws Bible out of the pulpit" or "Young preacher preaches about AIDs" or "Young preacher sticks it to Obama" or other stupid topics, where the preacher stands there screaming as loud as he can about how they are right, everyone else is wrong, and that they can all go to hell because Paul said they were accursed and then he smashes the pulpit a few times for effect while shouting some more.

Most of them MV crowd don't even know they are in error.

On youtube, I found a great channel by a guy named Steve McVey. He appears to be a "Grace Believer" like TonyBones. Well, his website is all about the Grace Walk. I am not sure what his doctrinal stand is, but he has a series titled "101 Lies you hear every sunday" with things like

#1 Salvation is giving your life to Jesus Christ

And then he spends a short time explaining why this is a lie (the above is a lie because we don't give anything - we receive life from Jesus Christ).

But, despite his good teaching on Grace, he is not KJBO and seems to be reading from the NKJV or something. He doesn't say. And he doesn't correct the Bible. So I just substitute King James in. If it fits, then great. If he is wrong, then he is wrong.
I don't either Luke, unless their message or their point is so diluted by MV nonsense that the message makes no sense. Someone trying to give a message using the NET "bible" would make more sense using a NWT or NIV. It's a worse paraphrase than the Living or Good News ever dreamed of being. My computer is not Youtube capable being on dialup, and there is little over there would interest me anyway. I never heard of Steve McVey, I think his reasonable service, time, and resources as a "grace" believer(a dispensationalist)might be better spent preaching Christ crucified as an ambassador for Christ, rather than chopping down other churches and people. Another thing you need to watch and have discernment on is that not everyone who says the word "grace" is the grace dispensationlist type. Many Calvinists have adopted the redefinition of the word "grace" to mean "absolute predestination" so you see many Calvinist churches with "Grace" this or that in their name.

There is a Latino lunatic in Florida right now teaching a "grace" message and like Benny Hinn and the rest of the fakes, draining his followers of money. He preaches on a pulpit with "666" on it and his followers wear tshirts with that number on it. His interpretation of "grace" is the same as Joal Osteen's: He takes ALL the negative aspects out of Scripture, this Latino guy also teaches NO HELL. If you go to Dr. Ruckman's website and download the June 2009 Bible Believers Bulletin on .pdf he has a few pages discussing Joel Osteen in Doc Pete's own, quaint manner.

You have to be grounded in the word rightly divided and have discernment, even many KJV Only Christians teach unsound doctrine. The Mormon Church uses only the KJV, cultists use the KJV and an example of that was Tandi here who was banned trying to preach her convoluted and mutated SDA doctrines.
Corrupting the Scriptures(bible versions) and Wresting Scriptures are two totally different precepts. Corruption is merely that, adding to, taking from, changing them. Wresting a Scripture to obtain a private interpretation is misapplying the Scripture the Wrestler may believe is God's inspired word.

When Paul came to the synagogue in Berea the Bereans didn't accept him at face value but searched the Scriptures on a daily basis to see that what Paul preached was true. I have a saying: The more you know the less chance you'll get your leg pulled. The Church Of Christ pulled my leg for 30 years simply because their indoctrination was emphasized as authoritative, not Bible study. After I became grounded in the word a Bride Baptist church here in Ohio essentially tried to pull my leg into believing their church members were the only ones going up in the Rapture if it had occurred. When I became grounded in dispensational doctrine Cornelius Stam of The Berean Bible Society tried to pull my leg that we had no inspired Bible and that the KJV had "errors" in it. Tandi tried to pull our legs into going back under the Law and used a KJV to try and do it. Our webmaster is grounded in a rightly divided Bible that is God's inspired words, and she lasted about 2 seconds after she declared herself, didn't she?

Brother, be a workman with your Bible, study it daily and rightly divide it. As i said in another thread, when I learned to rightly divide the Bible as Paul said to and not CI Scofield I began to see things faster than they could be written down. The Bible itself is no longer a mystery to me, though there is more knowledge and wisdom in it than any one human being can understand.

Grace and peace brother Luke