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Bro. Parrish
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That's true, but that was in "hell" NOT in the "lake of fire". Two different locations, one is a temporary 'prison' until the resurrection of the dead, and the other is their final and permanent destination, and that's the context of Isaiah 66:24 which Jesus was referring to.

Brings up an interesting point, those in hell will be resurrected before they are tossed into the lake of fire, so maybe they retain their human form until the resurrection and then begin their degeneration once in the lake!
Problem is, that would mean the human soul is a worm, and we have already covered that. These horrible creatures are not human souls, not degenerated former human-worms, not armless men, not maggot-men, not worm-boys, not homo-sapiens-worms, and not cute little wiggle-worms. The little book Ruckman preaches about called "Beyond Death's Door" by Dr. Maurice Rawlings gives a good description; they are big and nasty enough to be considered as "red snakes" by a patient who apparently died and saw them in chapter one. The description of that hellish vision convinced the atheist Rawlings to reconsider his position of "higher learning" and get saved. (the fact that the patient's hair was standing on end probably helped).

Let's review...

These creatures are made for a special purpose, they NEVER die, just like "the fire that NEVER shall be quenched." (Mark 9:43-48). These nasty worms are associated in scripture with hell and satan. (Isaiah 14:9-15).

God apparently used some unusual worms to devour Herod Agrippa in a matter of seconds (Acts 12:23), and we know God has used fiery serpents to torment and kill people (Numbers 21:6-9) so I have no problem seeing these as His instruments of eternal torment... just like the torment of those horrible flames.

To me the picture is clear; this means the child murderer who killed little six year old Adam Walsh and tossed his severed head in a Florida canal will not only BURN forever, he or she will be GNAWED UPON by worms, like rotten fruit for all eternity.