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Bro. Parrish
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It's probable that the soul, once it has left a man's body, takes on the exact shape and size of that man's body. In the case of damned souls, God may change their size & shape? I still think that "their worm" is referring to their soul, but whether or not it takes on the shape of an actual worm I do not know. Dr Ruckman thinks that their shape will degenerate into a form resembling their father the Devil, that old slithering serpent.
Yep, it's in his commentary.
And like yourself, I am not sure about all this either brother.
Oliver B. Greene believed as you do, but he avoided any details.

Originally Posted by Kiwi Christian View Post
I've been thinking about the phrase Christ used three times in Mark chapter 9 "Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched", and if this worm is another creature and not the soul itself, then the text is not teaching eternal damnation of the soul, but only teaching that the worm creature never dies? See what I mean, jellybean?
I don't follow you brother, but clearly you have sucked me into this cursed worm debate once more (you rascal).

Okay let's see...

The word "damnation" does not appear anywhere in this chapter, however:

I see the UNQUENCHING FIRE no less than six times in that passage.

I see the word HELL no less than three times in there.

So, whether this worm is the human soul or a devouring maggot that never dies, it would have no bearing on the fact that there is severe and everlasting BURNING punishment implied.

I still think these are the supernatural worms of hell which cover Lucifer (Satan) in Isaiah 14:9-15.

Furthermore, I think the the rich man in hell appeared to Abraham as a MAN in flames. Abraham seemed to recognize this fellow as a human, for he detailed his life on earth and referred to him as a "son" not a degenerated worm without hands or feet, etc.

Food for thought, just food for thought.