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Bro. Parrish
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Horrible. Very sorry to see this happen in this fashion, (it's not good for the pro life movement). I would have loved to have seen him repent and be saved, some of the most virulent pro-lifers were former abortion people. If it had to happen, I would have preferred to see him terminated in a capital punishment setting, where he could have got a lethal injection or electrocution for murdering over 60,000 human babies. I'm not happy that someone felt the need to deal with it like that, but then againóI see no difference between what Tiller was doing and a man who was routinely murdering 10 year old kids via premeditated murder. Sometimes it takes violence to stop violence. Either way, Tiller the Killer was a MASS MURDERER who got what he deserved, and I'm sorry to say itóbut that bullet is now the least of his problems.