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According to my recently deceased father, he told me that I am 3/4 German, 1/8 Danish and 1/8 English. This is because, according to my Dad: my mother is fully German, and my father is half German, 1/4 Danish and 1/4 English. I'm not sure where he got those statistics from - but that is what I was told.

So, if one goes by Old Testament boundaries, nationally - I am almost fully German. Perhaps some who are considering national boundaries think that I ought to move to Germany and find a Christian to marry there? But with the Danish and English in the mix - I'm no longer of a pure nationality. Hmmm quite a colundrum!

I agree with the posting about following Paul's teachings - since he received them from the resurrected Lord and he was taught that the Church was now to be in GRACE and no longer in LAW. If we go by Old Testament LAW, as doctrine, that is wrong. Paul's doctrine is basically that we don't look at such things anymore. The most important is that the 2 wishing to marry are FIRST grounded in Paul's Church-age doctrine.

I do agree that it's not a good idea for young people to marry against their family's wishes for them - especially if they are also believers. And, indeed, there are cultural differences to consider in such a marriage. However, if they are grounded as believers FIRST - the husband is the leader and the wife knows that her husband is under the LORD, and she has nothing to fear from his leadership. Besides, Paul commanded the husband to LOVE his wife - please notice that NOWHERE has Paul commanded the wife to LOVE her husband. I find that very interesting. I think that softens his hardness, and will cause him to act towards his wife in LOVE, considering her first.

Anyway, there was another thread about that - so I'm not going to get mixed up in that, as I know there are sticky issues that people believe very strongly about. But I agree with the people that posted that we, as BELIEVERS, now follow the doctrine of GRACE that Paul taught.