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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
Well put Bro Forrest. Thank you again for your encouraging words and prayer. I guess I just get frustrated sometimes with the way "Christians" and "Preachers" treat each other. I know my God will handle this situation as he has before, but sometimes I try to fix problems myself. It's hard to wait on the Lord and his plan. I know he put me there for a reason, but it's hard to be a member of a church that has not motivation to reach lost people and share the gospel. You are right though, I should just lead by example, keep praying, and wait on the Lord to show me! He hasn't failed me yet.

Thank you too illusionznc for your prayers.
I'm in the same situation in the church I attend. We do support missionaries, but no one seems to shew any signs of wanting to see souls won to Christ in our community. Since I've been attending this church, not one soul has been saved, and I've never seen a baptism. So I'll offer my advice which I gave to myself ^_^. Let everyone know that YOU are going soul winning on a set day of the week and anyone who would like to see souls won to the Lord is welcome to go. If knocking on doors is to intimidating for folks then perhaps someone would help you pass out tracts on the streets as you or another brother preaches.

Just some suggestions.

Peace and Love,