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Hello again Amanda!

I honestly donít know why you are being singled out for special attention regarding your posts, as all you are guilty of in my eyes is eagerly seeking to interact on subjects that you wish to reason through with others.

And concerning some of the stick you have been getting I would ask - will some of you guys encourage her rather than tear her to pieces because she has different ideas than those who oppose her!

Yes people like me and Amanda are new here but what kind of a forum would it be if only the original members called the shots? And yes, when we enter a church or a home for the first time we respect those who have been there longer than ourselves, but new members are just as much a member as any other. When we are talking about common courtesy, it is also quite a loving thing to do to encourage new members who are hungry for truth and interaction rather than surrounding them and laying the law down and forcing people down the ladder.

Cut her some slack will you!

God bless