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I was not raised in the church. I never had any dealings with the body of Christ until later in life.
God had been trying to draw me (read John ch.6) for many years, but I was quite content living in my sin.
He didn't quite get me until 1992, and when He did, I still resisted His calling for some time.
But when I finally bowed to Him, took up the KJV (Sword of the Spirit, Eph. ch. 6), then things really started to fall into place.
I wanted to know Christ and the power of His resurrection. I became hungry for the word of God.
Now, I know people that where raised in the church, and all they want is the "new way to worship".
The current music (it is not neutral) is written in todays language for todays people. As compared to the older hymns that had depth and substance.
We need to get back to the basics, a solid foundation and not the sinking sand the we are currently building on with shallow faith and music that has the theological depth of a kiddie pool.