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Originally Posted by Brother-Smith View Post
Hello everyone,

I have a question about worship music and psalms as used in the Word of God.
How is that to be applied in a local church.

The reason I ask is that I am a professional musician and a private tutor. The Lord has blessed me in many ways and I realize that my mission field is the people I come into contact with during the course of my day. (many students are getting the gospel when they come to guitar lessons, It just pops up.) However, when I attend a church service or listen to most "christian" music, it feels so fake and I don't seem to understand it. My Christian friends think something is wrong with me because I don't enjoy it. I love the OLD HYMNS from the hymnal. I like them because they have the "blood" and the "gospel" in them.

I am 37 years old and enjoy most styles of music. I enjoy the instrumental music most of all. Never have really listened to the lyrics of secular music much.

I have studied much on music in the word and also have seen the negative effects of music on people. Some even suggest that the emphasis on the back beat in Rock music is of the Devil, since it goes against the music that GOD has given to his creation. (bird songs, whale songs, etc.)

I am open to any help, words of guidance and scripture.

I can not stand contemporary worship music. It DRIVES ME NUTS and I am a musician. See my problem?

I guess I don't understand what roll music has in worship or the music I am hearing is not really glorifying to GOD.
If you really want to know what impact today's "worship" music has in the church, take it away for a month, and see how many people are still in the building.