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Default Not going to judge

Originally Posted by Brother-Smith View Post
Hello All,

Thanks for the links and I will get around to checking them out this weekend while I am out of town playing.

I greatly appreciate the honest words and the subtle rebuke as related by a story shared by pbiwolski. This is nothing new to me and a struggle. No offense taken as I know none was intended.

A little more info, if you like.

There is no question in my mind as to what is behind music.
God created it and Satan corrupted. I have even seen it suggested that Lucifer was a chief musician before, but I can't remember how, why and where.

My concerns:

I am constantly being asked to play, be hired, etc. at churches to perform "worship" music. I have never felt the prompting of the spirit to get involved in this in anyways. My heart is right towards GOD, I just don't want to contribute to that in a house of the LORD.

Having said that I am a professional musician, that means I earn the income for my wife and I by performing music. I tour with a major instrumental band for a 2-3 months out of the year. I am the only Christian involved in that organization by a long shot. It is not the typical drudgery some might think about when they contemplate a touring group, but their are way more subtle issues. (like the serpent is subtle)
On the last tour I was given the chance to witness to probably around 15-20 people in a verbal manner. Many others through my daily walk. It is obvious that I am a "CHRISTIAN". Many don't like that, but they aren't in charge of the corporation. I know many of you probably know and enjoy the music.

Another group plays music from the 80's - today and works on the weekends when I am in town. It is not the worst situation I have been involved with in my career but it can be a drag sometimes. There is me, a Catholic, an emergent and a "former" christian who is now an evolutionist/biologist. God has been working in that circle I Believe.

I also teach privately and am very blessed with a full student load.

It is difficult to make a living in the music profession playing hymns.
I do not want to send my wife back into the work field. (We decided that she would stay at home and manage the castle when we got married. We are trying to honor GOD's plan for marriage by doing so. No offense to working ladies btw.)

The above stated facts and economy make it difficult to live. It is not about playing music for me, it is about surviving and providing for my home.

I can't at this time stop performing, send my wife into the work-field and sell everything, although I desire a change. That is why I pray for GOD to lead me in my musical endeavors and to SLAM doors shut where he doesn't want me. (blockhead's prayers) Believe me when I say that I don't go through every open door.

Say a little prayer for me.

Brother-Smith, I am not going to judge you. Sometimes the Lord will place people in certain situations that do NOT seem Christlike, expressly for the golden opportunity that they have to be witnesses for the faith. I think it's wonderful that you use those opportunities and that the people you work with realize that you're a Christian.

There are brothers here that witness and hand-out Bible tracts in some pretty seedy areas of town: outside of bars or strip joints, etc. Those are people that really need to hear about salvation by faith. There are none too sinful that the Lord cannot wash and save them with His Blood.

I am pleased that you are a believer and that you're using your testimony to witness to people in faith, wherever you find yourself. Some believers, like Paul, may end up in JAIL. Does that make them a criminal - because of the "digs" that they inhabit. Of course not!

It's difficult to make ends meet in these tough economic times. It is admirable that your wish is for your wife to remain at home. I don't know that it would be better for her to go out of the home and work, than for you to be a musician.

I've read that about Satan and music. Some people think that parts of Satan's body were made up of musical instruments! I do recall reading something about that, but don't recall where I read it - and they backed it up with various scriptures. But it was Satan's choice to use music for the wrong purposes and to turn something meant to be beautiful into something dischordant and ugly.

Brother, just pray for the will of God and He will lead you in the right path, as far as work goes.

Philippians 4:6 - "Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God."