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Originally Posted by Luke View Post
I'll be quick... It's probably already said, but I have never heard of any hyperdispensationalist claiming that baptism saves, and if you aren't baptised, you aren't saved. Hypers or Grace Believers don't even recognise baptism as an ordinance.

you may be thinking of Landmarkists, which are close to Church of Christ in practice.
Luke, if I can inject a little levity into a somewhat strained thread, among the general population of "hypers", the fundamentalist groups, not the Bullingerite Universalists or Calvinist Stamites, but among the group I identify myself with none would ever say water baptism saves unless they are on LSD.

The Landmark/Bride churches are what I call Campbellite Baptists: You have to be visible, in a visible church, and baptized in their water with their church letter, otherwise you are not in the body of Christ as they teach the heresy of no "invisible church", that is, a group of plane crash victims in the Pacific on an island cannot be part of the Body if they read the Scriptures and get saved, well, there is no Brider among them them to carry on the "succession". They also teach the heresy that their Church was founded by John the Baptist, which is going to go over real well at the Judgment Seat Of Christ. I've known several ex-members of Dr. Ruckman's church who stated to me they are not Briders by profession but are by practice. This is part of Dr. Ruckman's bitter hatred towards Grace believers, as Briders pretty well have the Campbellite attitude towards any other church. So their attitude towards "hypers" is nothing to marvel at.

Grace and peace brother