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Originally Posted by MC1171611 View Post

By his definition, I'd tend to be more of a "hyper-dispensationalist" than he, because I tend to place the beginning of the Body of Christ in Acts 8 or thereabouts. I'm not fully set in that, but that's what I tend toward.

Give the guy a little grace.

On the subject of Inspiration, though, I believe he and I are almost step-in-step: I don't see why God could have inspired those MEN (He does not inspire "words") and couldn't or wouldn't inspire the men producing the translation of those words that would be used for the rest of human history. Why would God inspire Paul, Peter and James to write the words, but not inspire the translators of the King James Bible to translate those pure words into English?

íNo comprendo!
I was giving him grace. But he kept tossing out that word "hyper..." for some reason and I was trying to understand why he wanted us to know this fact about him.

I personally don't see how the Church could begin at Calvary since the Gospel which saves includes Christ's resurrection.

But anywho, I personally hold to the position that the Church began when the first disciples were sealed with the Holy Ghost at Pentacost. I think that was when the Holy Ghost added the first souls to the Body of Christ which IS the Church.

So to understand this doctrine, it's a matter of first knowing which Gospel we are saved by (the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ out Lord 1 Corinthians 15) and what seals us until the day of redemption (the Holy Ghost [Ephesians 4:30] which sealed the first disciples at Pentacost [Acts 2:4]). Pretty straight forward if you ask me. I think people in the dry cleaners camp get hung up on the fact that Paul was given many manifold revelations (2 Corinthians 12:7). But those were not Gospel changing revelations, nor did they change the mode by which Christians are sealed until redemption.

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