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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post
Kevin quote:
You will also notice that the bride is one chaste virgin (2 Cor 11:1-3)

in this quote you add the word bride and change the word of God and its true Doctrine of Unity to the false Doctrine that the Body of Christ is the Bride. no where in 2 Cor 11 is the word bride. No where within 100 verse either direction is the word Bride.

This is how subtle men can be in trying to establish a doctrine. but when faced with the truth men will cling to tradition rather than to the clear written word of God.

This technique is also used by Calvinist to prove their points of the TULIP. see that thread for more info by George.

Not all virgins are brides. you cannot make the one the other. The rule of thumb, "things that differ are not the same" Doug Stoufer - One Book Rightly Divided
I never said the word bride was in the verse. According to the verses that do talk about the bride she is. Notice Son 6:9. You tried making the virgins on Matthew 25 the bride when they clearly aren't.

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