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there is no mention of the church or a church after Rev. 3. our relationship with Christ or Israel is not mentioned in the Bible because we are no longer part of the 24/7 TQ. we are in eternity with Christ never to be apart from Him.


try not to lump people into camps. God's word uses the wife in Hosea as a figure why can't he inspire it to be so in the NT? And it is obvious the Rom 7 1-4 is about unity Paul was the greatest teacher of the Bodies unity as well as Eph 5. being united is liken as a marriage in 1 cor. being yolked is a union of marriage. the verses you stuff into your Bride understanding are to those that support Paul's teaching on unity of the Body of which he is the Head, not the church is the Bride of Christ. we must be Biblical over traditional.

So can a body of which the head is part of Marry itself? I think Not.