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Hi Folks,

Originally Posted by Bro. Parrish
Mindless drivel? Sadly, looking back over your massive collection of 8 posts, I can see nothing BUT mindless drivel.
"SolaBiblia" (so far he writes as Nola Biblia) actually asked me a reasonable question about Rashi and Psalm 12 (the fact that Sola was quickly given a quick loud hurrah to the question by a banned member elsewhere is one reason why I think Sola may be a shill).

Note, however, I appreciated the question (oops, what happenned to "we don't want any challenges"). And when I went into Rashi and Psalm 12 in depth, in three separate posts, and showed that Rashi had been misrepresented by Kutilek and was quite interesting ... not a peep, not even an acknowledgment that his question was addressed, much less a thank-you.

So after that the invective above was no surprise. Those bound by spiritual principalities to fight the pure Bible often put on a nice pasty-face when they first address the forum, later the ugliness comes out. That is how I see this "Sola".