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Hi Folks,

Originally Posted by solabiblia
Translation: we don't want any of our comments to be challenged in this forum. We have the sneaking feeling that our arguments have holes in them, and it makes us uncomfortable when someone points them out to us. So, go away and let us pat ourselves on the back for our mindless drivel, or we will attack you as a Bible-hater and cast aspersions on your state of grace.
Translation of "solabiblia".

I lurk in the background, not really offering much constructive to the discussion, looking hard for pot shots and traps. When they don't get anywhere I show my nature of animus - actually I came on the forum as a bit of a shill, and despise the authority and beauty and majesty of the King James Bible. I figure if I only harshly accuse the Bible defenders, and not the pure Bible directly, I may fly under the radar. With this post, I forgot and ran right into the radar.

Steven Avery