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Brother George,
First, I accept your apology, although no offense was taken by your words. I just wanted to clarify my position. Additionally I do not dislike Dr. Ruckman, I dislike the words that he has used and the jokes that he has printed.

Thank you for the detailed listing of the very similar words. Using your definitions, the following might qualify, and I seek your further help:

Admonish: (Advise, Caution, or Notify of a Fault) While I am certain that others have done this, perhaps I should communicate with him about the way that he sometimes refers to fellow believers, and the jokes printed in his newsletter that are in poor taste. Am I justified in doing this, in your opinion?

Reprove: (To Refute, Disprove, or Convince of a Fault or to Make It Manifest) It would appear that this word could be used for what I have done with previous posts. This may be a better word to use than rebuke, however ...

Rebuke: (To reprehend for faults; to chide, chasten, check, restrain or silence) While restraining or silencing him isn't expected, I do feel the need to speak out (reprehend or chide?) concerning his faults, because they have affected others like myself who accept the KJB as the Final Authority, and are then shackled with being called "Ruckmanites" and are linked to these same faults.

I do agree that the local church is the place where correction must take place, as long as that behavior is limited to affecting the local church. Just as Paul spoke out against Peter in public, yea, even writing it in a letter (post?), we should be able to express concern for the actions of others when they cross the line.

Dr. Ruckman could be compared to David. Though David was "a man after God's own heart", his enemies could always point to his failures and mock him. Dr. Ruckman has been a warrior in a very rough battle. Because of this, his flaws are amplified, and the fallout has brought harm to all of the rest of us who stand for the same things.

Finally, I am an elder-pastor and as such I feel qualified to speak as I have. I apologize for the offense that some may take at my words, but they are written with fear and trembling before God, not out of anger toward Dr. Ruckman or anyone else.

May God's grace be with you,