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Default Re: Peter S. Ruckman – Crackpot or Crusader?

Aloha brothers Tim (and Jerry),

I owe you and brother Jerry an apology (sincerely). The word "animosity" is too strong a word to use to describe your dislike of brother Ruckman, and so I apologize - for I don't believe that you hate him.

I try real hard to make clear distinctions between words: for instance - when it comes to an "elders' or "pastors" Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority - the Bible clearly demonstrates what these are:



1. PRAYER [Addressed - to God]

2. STUDY [Scriptures – from God]


3. PREACHING [FEEDING - The Word of God]

4. TEACHING [FEEDING - Convincing, Exhorting - Sound Doctrine & the Whole Council of God]


5. WARNING [Against: Leaven (False Doctrine), Philosophy, Vain Deceit, the Traditions of Men, Science-Falsely-so-called, and the Rudiments of the World, etc.]

6. ADMONISHING [Advise, Caution, or Notify of a Fault]

7. REPROVING [To Refute, Disprove, or Convince of a Fault or to Make It Manifest]

8. REBUKING [To reprehend for faults; to chide, chasten, check, restrain or silence]

Headings 5-8 above describe the absolute LIMITS OF PASTORAL AUTHORITY. All matters of Discipline within a church are to be administered by the whole body (the congregation-1Corinthians 5:1-13) – NOT an individual elder-pastor, or a board of deacons, or any other extra-scriptural council or committee.

In the early church there was no clergy–laity set up as in almost all modern day churches. There was no one individual “pastor” over the church, or in the larger churches – a “senior pastor”; “assistant pastors”; “youth pastor”; “Choir Director”; or so-called “Christian Counsellors” - dispensing pagan philosophy within the church, or today’s’ modern equivalent - Humanism, Psychiatry, & Psychology.

The leaders in the early church were called elders and were always plural in number and they shared whatever power and authority they had – equally. No division existed between the congregation and elders-pastors. [They (elders-pastors and the congregation) all were brethren – with no distinctions!]

An elder (pastor) is not to exercise dominion over the brethren or over their faith! [2Corinthians 1:24]

Notice the difference between warning, admonishing, reproving, and rebuking. In 50 years of being a Christian I personally have hardly ever "rebuked" a brother in Christ. I will try all of the others first - and often times will not issue a rebuke even if the others fail.

Yours for Him and for His Holy word,