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Brother Tim,

You are such a strong supporter of him that you cannot bring yourself to publicly criticize him, even when he is clearly wrong.
I disagree with him on a number of issues, I will not however say he is not a decent man as you have done.

I assume that your choice not to directly answer my two questions tells me this:
I did tell you what I thought was funny. You questioned what I thought was funny and I told you. Unless you acknowledge that answer we can not move to you next question.

I have not been offended. I have just had a good laugh not at the joke but at you, that is all. I still am laughing by the way. I was wondering if you could find something valid to bring up. I know you can't and that is what is so funny. You went to read the BBB to try and dig up some kind of dirt. The dirt you found was so lame and you are making a big deal about it. That is what is so funny.

I accept this, in will not further offend you by discussing Dr. Ruckman.

If you ever find anything you want to discuss about Ruckman bring it on. Just make sure it is not so lame next time. get something worth talking about. This has been the whole point of my post. The English make fun of the French all of the time. When I was in NYC it was the same about Canada or NJ. In Texas it is the folks from OK. We all make fun of each other all of the time. It is not a big deal. You think it is and that is what is so funny. I guess in FL they do not Have GA or AL jokes. IN NC it is always the WV folks that get it.

Have a good day at work. When you come back go find something to nail Ruckman on. Then we can and will talk about it.