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Originally Posted by IC@KJV View Post

I am new to this forum, I bought a KJV study Bible about a month ago, when I found out HOW MANY DIFFERENCES and OMMITIONS there were in my NIV bible.

I only read the KJV now, nothing else. I dont want to read versions that ommit and change the Word of God.

The question I have is this: The KJV Bible I bought is a study Bible made by Nelson publishers. And I like all the historical footnotes, and biography footnotes it has in it, it realy gives me a bigger understanding of who people were, and about the history. But who actually made/researched the footnotes???

Was it a team of researchers, or the publisher??

Who gets all of the info for the footnotes, how correect are they???

Thank You
Hello IC@KJV... To your question about the Study Bible you have in your hand. Thomas Nelson pubs has one titled "The King James Study Bible" and "The Open Bible"... What does it say on the spine or the inside Title Page?

"The K.J.S.B." (if that is what you have) shows the names of the men inside the front pages that helped with the Notes and Study helps. Most of them were good guys associated with The Late Pastor Jerry Falwell of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA---and Liberty University--the college funded/built by Thomas Road Baptist Church. The notes will be of a conservative/fundamental/premillenial/arminian/baptistic point of view.

{If you don't know what those words mean just do the Google and try wikipedia, or visit your local library.}

If it is a "Open Bible" You made a good buy! Great cyclopedic index, and several other helpful things. Excellent study guide for Christians new (or not sure) to the Christian Faith... And rather than telling you what to believe about the "End Times" or "Last Things"...They list the Four main positions and let you decide. The names of the contributors to the notes and introductions to each Book of the Bible will be listed in the front near the Title page.

Keep it (them) and someday when you have some extra $ you might get a plain text Bible also. Cambridge and Trinitarian Bible Society have several to choose from---just make sure you can read the print font--. Hope this helps you.