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Originally Posted by greenbear View Post
Tony- There are not enough hours in the day to study everything and everybody so it's helpful to be able to rely a bit on another believer's demonstrated knowledge and discernment in order to redeem the time. Thanks, brother.

Sister, John Rice was not the devil, it's just that God is not a respecter of persons, I don't care how long a person is "in the Lord" or how well loved they are by us, they got no business running around substituting themselves as the authority. When a man says a verse is mistranslated or not supposed to be there, you are saying Yea, did God really say that? And then if he is believed like the sheep over on FFF believe Barry and Robycop, or James White's books, they become the authority, which is what they want.

That's why Brandon has a Bible Versions section of this forum, keep the authority in the Book, let each Christian then be fully persuaded.

Grace and peace sister