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Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
Watch out! a man that does not Believe the Bible (KJV), is the inspired word of God. May not correctly interpret it either.
Reading and listening to teachers using MBV's has grieved my spirit for years, ever since I read Riplinger and became aware of the issue and the Lord convicted my heart on the matter. However, I'm not to a point where I automatically reject a teacher who isn't KJVO. The way I see it is that MBV's and KJVO's who are believers are all of the same body and we can benefit from each others teaching, gifts, and service. I'm sort of in flux on the issue. Of any teachers Dave Hunt, Chuck Missler and Noah Hutchings have had the most influence on me. Dave Hunt isn't KJVO. Chuck prefers the KJB, I believe. Noah Hutchings uses KJB. However, none of them made KJVO a major focus of their ministries, if at all. In order for me to spend time and energy on a Bible teacher who uses a corrupted version I have to feel that he has something really valuable or unique to teach to make it worth my while and the worth the pain of hearing or reading a corrupt Bible version. It may be that the Bible version issue will become increasingly important as more corrupt versions are published and will force even more division. I don't know. I do know that there are some people on this board who are experts in this area. I am so blessed of God to have been shown that the KJB is His perfect Word. I'm afraid I stopped there. I'm slowly learning more about the topic.