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Response to GB's first comments:

Greenbear, based on your answers, particularly that there are fallen angels that did not participate in the Genesis 6 event, are you acknowledging that this is possibly an ongoing activity?

In reference to:
God doesn't give us the answer to why He allowed it. This lack of information on His part has no bearing on whether or not the Son's of God are fallen angels.
GB, think about what you are saying. These women had no power to prevent this assault (Genesis 6:2 "...they took them wives of all which they chose.") God, foreknowing the actions of that these evil ones would commit, allowed this assault on unprotected, innocent women to take place for however long, and then immediately (and without comment, while at the same time expressing His anger with mankind) slammed the chains on them, leaving the results of their actions to further the destruction of mankind, AND on top of it, left others to perpetuate the same behavior later!?! Verse 3 and 5 scream out the perpetrators of this crime, MAN!