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Originally Posted by MC1171611 View Post
Ok, so simply because it's not expressly mentioned by Paul makes it untrue? Since when did ALL Scripture cease to be profitable for DOCTRINE and everything else?

You are trying to make Jesus a polygamist. That's clear, plain, and simple. That's stupid.

And how do you respond to this accusation? (Yes, it's an accusation that you're teaching that Jesus will be a polygamist by marrying Israel.)
All Scripture is profitable, rightly divided.
Please, don't put words in our mouth. Nobody teaches that.

Here is the plain Biblical teaching based on what the Bible SAYS.

MARRIAGE: Israel was God's people ("wife").
DIVORCE: They are put away due to disobedience/idolatry ("adultery") and unbelief.
REMARRIAGE: One day, God will regather them to be his people (and be his "bride" once again).

Here is how I would respond to the accusation:
1. God has only one group of people called His "bride" - Israel.
2. The church is the only group of people called His "body", and was never called by anyone in the Bible as the "bride". There is no DIRECT reference anywhere in the Bible that would ever link the "bride" of John 3 and Revelation to the church, the Body of Christ.
3. To those who would accuse us of polygamy, this would hold no water if one believes that:
Christ has only one "bride" - Israel (John 3 and Revelation 19)
He has only one "body" - the Church. (1 Corinthians 12:13)
Where is polygamy there?
The Church is the Body of Christ, and Israel is the Bride of the Lamb.

Brethren, it's FIGURATIVE. The Church and Israel are LITERAL, but the words "body" and "bride" are FIGURATIVE. Are we really a toenail, a nose, a finger, a woman?

I hope no one will go further and say that in the marriage of the Lamb, some would have to be bride's maids, flower girls, etc. If so, I would volunteer to be the pianist in that wedding.

Matthew 22 says THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (literal) is LIKE (simile) A MARRIAGE (figure).
Revelation 19 and 21 is all about The Kingdom of Heaven, and it's indeed "AS" a marriage.