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first what mark would God place on a man that if any man saw it they would know it was Cain lets say from 200 feet?
The mark of the beast does not need to be seen from a distance but up close. that is the difference between these two marks. I am not saying the mark was blackness. and to avoid that I removed those remarks from my previous post and this conversation can be carried on in another post.

How do you know they all died in the flood?

could not they have intermixed with Adams grand sons and daughter's or even Noah's sons?

Remember Cain built cities, made metallurgic tools and musical instruments. do you think the herdsman farmers of Adams Sons did not intermix with these city folk? intermix meaning they did not have dealing with these people? if they had dealings would not it be safe to assume they gave their sons and daughters to marry which was a common practice.

you would be wrong in thinking that. I am not saying anything of the nature of sons of God saw the daughter of men. for those were Angelic beings not Cain's descendants. but if you think that Cains whole race died in the flood and in no way had husband or mixed via one of Noah's sons or the wives of Noah's sons you would be wrong even our current nature shows nation mixing to be prevalent. as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man.

you see how Cain did everything in his power to negate the curse placed on him by God. Built cities, no vagabond lived in a city. Where did Cain's sons learn how to do metallurgical arts?

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